New Industrial Air Curtains from JS

JS Air Curtains is launching a new range of industrial air curtains for use on warehouse, factory or loading bay entrances. The VCP Industrial air curtain range is ideal for use on outside doors as the units stop cold air blowing in through open doorways, save energy by keeping the heat in and allow unhindered access and vision for forklifts and personnel.

The air curtains are also an ideal and economical replacement for internal fast acting roller or shutter doors as they cost a lot less to maintain and are much more convenient for forklift drivers, as they don’t have to get out of their vehicles to open them. They also remove the need to have plastic slat curtains, which quickly become dirty and lose their transparency.

VCP industrial air curtains come in three different sized modules, 0.55m, 1.5m and 2m, which can be combined to achieve any height or length. The air curtain can be installed horizontally along the top of a doorway with a maximum doorway height of 7m or vertically at the side of a doorway with a maximum doorway width of 14m, when using two curtains at each side.

Three different models are available with hot water heating, electric heating or air only options. To save on energy costs an active combination of air curtains can be used with a heated air curtain on the lower section of a stack and an air only model on the top. This heats an internal environment and maintains a comfortable environment for people walking through the doorway, whilst saving money on heating the upper section.

A variety of different control options are also available with; door switches so the unit only operates when the door is open, time switches so the units activate during certain hours, room thermostats so a constant internal temperature can be maintained, and manual controls.

The air curtains are manufactured from galvanised sheet, painted white, and are highly durable for maintenance-free operation under hard industrial conditions.

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