New Standesse from JS Air Curtains

JS Air Curtains is launching the new Standesse air curtain with energy saving wire rapid-heat elements and an attractive modern design.

The Standesse is available in four 0.5m lengths from 1m to 2.5m and has a powerful output of up to 6,300m³/h, making the air curtain ideal for protecting doorways up to 3.5m high. It has an attractive stainless steel stripe across the front and is available in any RAL colour.

The air curtain can be heated with either electric or hot water heating and is also available as an air only model. Adjustable outlet lamellas allow the user to direct the airflow to create a tight seal across a doorway and stop the heat escaping in the winter and the air conditioning from cooling the pavement in the summer.

The Standesse incorporates wire heating elements with a very fast heat-up time. The elements can reach temperature in only 10 seconds, unlike regular heating elements, which can take up to 50 seconds. After this short period the power to the elements does not need to be constant in order to maintain temperature. This results in energy savings when compared to regular heating elements that require full power throughout their longer heat-up period.

Control is via a wall-mounted, wireless radio frequency controller with a 100m range. This wireless controller enables an unlimited number of Standesse air curtains to be controlled from a single controller as long as they are within the radio frequency range.

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Attractive modern design

Creating a tight seal across the doorway

Energy saving air curtain

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