JS Launches Essensse Air Curtain

JS Air Curtains is launching Essensse, an attractive and economic air curtain suitable for a range of environments from small shops and restaurants to office buildings and banks.

Air curtains seal an entrance with an invisible barrier of air, preventing cold air entering in the winter and air conditioning escaping in the summer while the door is open. A comfortable temperature can then be maintained within the room and a building’s energy costs reduced.

Essensse can deliver up to 2,900m³ of air, enabling it to seal doorways up to 2.5m high when mounted above an entrance. Easy to install, the compact unit is finished in white RAL 9010 as standard with other colours available on request.

Essensse can incorporate water or electric heating elements and is available as an ambient unheated model. Latest hotwire heating technology can provide up to 19.1kW/h with low pressure hot water units providing 18.6kW/h.

The air curtain is controlled via a wall-mounted controller with multiple units able to be operated from the same control system.  A radio frequency (RF) option is also available.

A special design air outlet provides the best possible seal across a doorway. The inlet grille acts as an air filter, removing dust and airborne contaminants. The grille can be periodically wiped or vacuumed by regular cleaning staff ensuring easy and economic maintenance.

JS Air Curtains supplies an extensive range of air curtains, as well as bespoke solutions, for all commercial and industrial applications.

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