JS Air Curtains Launches VCP Industrial Air Curtain

JS Air Curtains is launching the VCP, a new high-performance industrial air curtain for use on warehouse, factory or cold store doorways.

The VCP air curtain effectively seals an entrance, such as a loading bay area, with an invisible barrier of air to stop heat escaping and prevent the ingress of cold air. Powerful fans combined with a specially designed tubuler matrix air discharge system, which delivers an air speed of 2m/s at floor level from an impressive mounting height of nine metres so providing a tight seal across the door way. This allows doors to be left open for pedestrian or forklift access without heat loss, which results in lower energy costs.

This unit can be situated horizontally above entrances up to 9 metres high or installed vertically to the side of doorways to cover widths up to 18 metres. With 3 different lengths available at 1.6, 2.20 and 2.75 metres, units can be easily connected for wider doorways.

The air curtain comes with a five-speed manual controller and is available with electrical heating, low-pressure hot water (LPHW) or with air only. Finished in galvanised steel or white RAL9010 as standard, this highly durable air curtain has optional air filters to protect the air curtain in dusty industrial conditions.

Air curtains are a great alternative to fast-acting roller doors or PVC slat curtains, which can quickly become dirty and opaque with use. With an air curtain, 100% visibility and access are provided at all times, so that the need for a forklift driver to exit their cab to open and close doors is eliminated. This makes moving from one area to another safer, quicker and more convenient, as well as reducing maintenance costs for repairing fast-action roller doors following inevitable collisions.

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High-performance VCP industrial air curtain

VCP air curtain in white RAL9010

Includes manual controller with 5 fan speed selections

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