JS Air Curtains at Associated Newspapers

JS Air Curtains has designed, supplied and installed four brushed stainless steel air curtains at the offices of Associated Newspapers in Kensington. The 2.5m air curtains were joined to create a pair of 5m wide air curtain systems that keep cold air out during the winter and air conditioned air in during the summer.

The air curtain systems were mounted above the doorways at the front and rear of the building. They both have the same attractive cylindrical design and are suspended from the ceiling with matching arm supports. The units stop air from entering through the revolving doors of the building, which can act as slow moving fans, bringing in cold air with every rotation.

Each pair of stainless steel air curtains provides an airflow of up to 13,000m³/h and are electrically heated with a total heat output of 64kW/h, maintaining a pleasant internal atmosphere.

JS also supplied and installed a more standard 1.5m Windbox air curtain above a single external doorway at the Derry Street entrance. It has an output of 3,700m³/h with up to 22.5kW of heating.

Associated Newspapers Limited is the management company for five major newspapers - Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard, London Metro, Irish Mail on Sunday and the advertising publication Loot.

The type of bespoke cylindrical air curtain installed at Associated Newspapers has many different mounting options to tie-in with an entrance’s architecture. It can be stood vertically at either side of a door, hung with cables above the door or suspended with supporting arms attached to a ceiling, wall or floor. When mounting horizontally it will provide an effective seal for doorways up to 3.5m high and when positioned vertically at either side of a door, it will protect entrances up to 7m wide from air ingress.

These cylindrical units are available in lengths of 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 2,5m, and can be joined end-to-end to accommodate very wide entrances to buildings, such as the entrances to Associated Newspapers. Up to 10 units can be operated from the same controller, connected to the air curtain with 20m of plug and play RJ45 lead for easy installation. It can also be controlled via a BMS system.

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