Concealed Air Curtains at Cannon Street

JS Air Curtains has supplied four custom air curtains for a concealed installation at 110 Cannon Street, where they have been discreetly embedded into the walls. The air curtains are hidden from view on both sides of the imposing main entrance and quietly ensure a comfortable temperature within the elegant reception lobby.

When the architects conceived the design of the exciting and stylish refurbishment at 110 Cannon Street, an 11 storey, 70,000 sq ft building in the heart of the City of London, they specified air curtains would be required but demanded no appliances be located above the revolving entrance door or visible through the glass façade. Building engineering consultant AECOM called in air curtain specialist, JS Air Curtains, with whom they had previously worked, to tender. JS’s innovative, ‘concealed’ design proved the ideal solution.

Steve Lockwood from AECOM commented: “This is an unusual application for air curtains that would traditionally be sited above the revolving doors. However, JS was able to adapt the air curtains to overcome any difficulties that concealing them in walls might cause. The air curtains have been installed for several months now and appear to be working very well.”

JS custom designed each of the four 1.5m air curtains with air inlets and outlets at 180° to each other to enable the air to enter at the back and be emitted from the front. Two sets of two 1.5m air curtains were then connected vertically to form 3m towers, which were concealed within the walls on either side of the building’s main doorway exiting onto Cannon Street. The air curtains prevent the glass revolving door from acting like a slow moving fan, bringing in cold air with every turn.

As well as producing custom concealed units, JS Air Curtains can also supply bespoke models that incorporate other services such as CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, motion sensing alarms, signage and branding, and fascia panels made from a variety of materials or that contain elements such as clocks.

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Concealed air curtains

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