Zen Air Curtain at Bishopsgate Refurb

A Zen air curtain from JS Air Curtains is integrating seamlessly into the entrance hall at 1 Bishopsgate, following the building’s recent refurbishment. The air curtain is helping to keep the large reception warm whilst minimising heat-loss from the entrance. The office refurbishment was the first in the UK to achieve a Gold SKA rating and helped the Grade 2 listed building in the City of London achieve in excess of 30% savings in energy and CO2.

The main heat loss from 1 Bishopsgate’s entrance hall was through the glass lobby fronting onto the street. The high ceiling called for air curtains that could easily be suspended above the lobby door and could deliver the heating output required to warm the generously proportioned reception area. Due to the prominent location, it was also specified that the air curtains must complement the modern architectural style of the building’s interior.

Garry Merison, project manager for electrical contractors PIP Electrics, worked closely with JS Air Curtains to select the unit best suited to the building’s requirements. He said: “The 1.5m model provides a heating output up to 22.5kW which is ample in this application. The flexibility of installation with the Zen was a key benefit as we were able to hang it with drop rods to the required height. Its smart, minimalist design was another factor. We were able to choose from a selection of covers and decided that the anodized aluminium fascia would ensure it integrated unobtrusively into the entrance’s environment.”

The Zen air curtain can be fitted with bespoke fascia panels that provide a corporate branding opportunity and can add to the functionality of the air curtain by including clocks or signage.

The fascia can be made out of anodized aluminium (as standard), stainless steel or wood. It can have a gloss, matt or brushed finish. The central structure is made of zinc plated steel finished in RAL 9913 black forge as standard with any other RAL colour available on request.

The Zen is offered in half metre lengths from 1 to 2.5m, with electric or water heaters, and as an air only model. The discharge vents have airfoil shaped vanes to direct the airflow creating a tighter seal across a doorway.

Low noise, double inlet centrifugal fans with external rotor motors provide up to 6,475m3/h airflow making it suitable for use on doorways up to 3.5m.

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Office Zen air curtain

Air Curtain at Bishopsgate office

Zen air curtain

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