JS Air Curtains Beautiful at Beaufort House

The aesthetic design and high quality performance of the Rund air curtain from JS Air Curtains made it the ideal choice to complement the imposing blend of traditional and contemporary architecture at Beaufort House, a prominent building in the City of London.

The large commercial property has around 4,000 occupants passing through the entrance atrium each day. The constant use of the double door elliptical air pod made the drafty reception area cold and uncomfortable. Four, two metre high, Rund air curtains were installed vertically at either side of the doors, to heat the air in the pod and create a barrier against cold air entering the building.

Graham Powell, electrical director at building services engineering consultancy Thornley & Lumb, specified the air curtain requirements: “We have enjoyed a long history of working with JS Air Curtains. We were confident that four Runds, each with a heating output of up to 30kW and air flow up to 5,550 m3/hr, would comfortably meet the needs of Beaufort House’s large reception area. A key consideration in the specification was the aesthetics of the air curtains as they needed to merge seamlessly with the minimalist and modern interior design. The stainless steel Runds blend in beautifully.”

Contractors Sykes & Son fitted the air curtains. Director Mark Baston said: “We found the Rund air curtains were as easy to install as the JS sales team was to work with. The Rund’s have been operating for over a year now with no problems reported.”

The air curtains at Beaufort House are economically heated with low temperature hot water but electrically heated and air only models are also available.

The Rund air curtain has an extremely attractive, cylindrical design and can be fitted with many different mounting or suspension options to tie-in with an entrance’s architecture. Beaufort House selected the stainless steel option although the Rund is offered in any RAL colour. Among the different mounting options available are round goal post-like supports that can stand across an entrance or suspend the unit from a ceiling or wall. It can be positioned horizontally above the door with chains or poles, or stood vertically at the side of the doorway as at Beaufort House.

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