Rotowind resident at ME Hotel

JS Air Curtains’ Rotowind air curtain was selected to eliminate draughts in the lobby of the ME Hotel in The Strand, London. The ME Hotel, a modern, highly specified five star hotel, is located on a site formerly home to the Marconi Building, Gaiety Theatre and Strand Music Hall. The Rotowind air curtain was specified for its discreet nature and curved shape.

The stylish ME Hotel needed an air curtain solution that provided protection from draughts and was aesthetically in keeping with the minimalistic design of the hotel decor. This was achieved by recessing the unit into the suspended ceiling, producing a subtle design with a curve that matched the angles of the draught lobby.

The 2m low pressure hot water Rotowind air curtain, supplied by JS Air Curtains, is set into the ceiling in the draught lobby of the hotel. Air is drawn into the unit from the ceiling void, which will draw air in through other ceiling grilles. The Rotowind can be supplied in any RAL colour or brushed stainless steel. It is available in 0.5m lengths from 1m to 2.5m and with electric or water heaters and as a non-heated, air only model.

The Rotowind air curtain is designed to meet the specific conditions of each revolving door it in installed on. Revolving doors can act as a low-speed fan, forcing a mass of cold air into a room with each rotation. The main body of the air curtain is mounted above the door with curved air outlets creating a barrier around the inner opening of the doorway. Each unit is created to exactly match the curvature of the specific model of revolving door.

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Draught lobby air curtain

Curved air curtain

ME Hotel, Strand, London

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