Custom Air Curtains at Aldwych House

JS Air Curtains has recently designed, supplied and installed a pair of bespoke air curtains at Aldwych House in Aldwych London. The installation was part of a refurbishment of the entrance by property specialists, King Sturge. JS Air Curtains worked with King Sturge to design the units to incorporate motion detectors and lighting, whilst complimenting the stainless steel architecture at the entrance of this prestigious London office development.

The bespoke air curtains are joined by an overhead stainless steel transom that incorporates four recessed down-lights and a motion detector that activates the automatic sliding door. All electrical cabling is housed inside this structure, which was also designed and manufactured by JS.

Two vertical stainless steel air curtains were positioned on marble plinths at either side of the 4m wide entrance, producing an effective barrier across the doorway whilst the automatic sliding doors are open. Cold air is prevented from entering during the winter and air conditioned air prevented from escaping during the summer, helping to maintain a pleasant internal environment.

JS Air Curtains bespoke design service provides clients with the opportunity to either make a feature of their air curtains or totally blend them into the surrounding architecture. Also, by combining other services into the unit, the air curtain can offer more than just protection from the elements. Services that can be incorporated include concealed security cameras, smoke detectors, motion detectors, emergency and standard lighting.

This not only provides space saving through integrated design but can allow clients to take advantage of the benefits of prefabrication, like reducing on-site programme times. 

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Custom air curtains at Aldwych House

Vertical air curtains in brushed stainless steel

Air curtains incorporating other services

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