New Quiet Vertical Air Curtain

JS Air Curtains is launching the Venesse, a new vertical air curtain with exceptionally low noise levels. The Venesse has been designed to be very quiet during operation making it ideal for use in public buildings like banks, offices, hotels and restaurants.

The Venesse is a 2.5m high, vertically mounted air curtain that is situated at the side of an entrance. A single Venesse can protect a doorway up to 3m wide or two can be used to protect an entrance up to 6m wide by installing one at each side. The air curtain will prevent cold air entering a heated environment or warm air entering an air conditioned environment.

At full output, providing 5,400m³/h of air, the Venesse has the lowest noise level of any air curtain in its class. It contains special acoustic dampeners situated around the internal casing that suppress the noise of the fans.

Installing a vertical air curtain rather than the more usual horizontally suspended type costs around 50% less to install as it is quicker and doesn’t require special lifting equipment or brackets. Upright air curtains can also be used on doorways where horizontal suspension is difficult due to the height of the room or the architecture of the fascia, for instance on glass-fronted buildings.

The Venesse has an attractive design with stylish inlet and outlet grilles. It comes in white RAL 9010 as standard but is available in stainless steel or any RAL colour on request. The air curtain is offered as an air only model, with standard electric heating to 24kW or a more powerful 36kW electrical model, and finally as a water heated model providing up to 41kW.

Control is via a remote wall mounted controller that can be situated up to 50m away and is connected with RJ45 communication cable. The Venesse can be controlled via thermostats, timers or door sensors and up to six units can be chained together for simultaneous operation. The system can also be regulated via a BMS.

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Venesse air curtain
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Attractive design

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