New Bespoke Air Curtain from JS

JS Air Curtains is launching a new air curtain that can be fitted with many different mounting or suspension options to tie-in with an entrance’s architecture. It has an extremely attractive round design and is available in stainless steel or any RAL colour.

Among the different mounting options available are round goal post-like supports that can stand across an entrance or suspend the unit from a ceiling or wall. It can be positioned horizontally above the door with chains or poles, or stood vertically at the side of the doorway.

When mounting horizontally it will provide an effective seal for doorways up to 3.5m high. The bespoke air curtain can be mounted end-to-end to accommodate very wide entrances to buildings, such as shopping centres or sports arenas, with up to 10 units being operated from the same controller. It comes with 20m of plug and play RJ45 lead for easy installation and can also be controlled via a BMS system.

Four lengths are available from 1m to 2.5m with a variety of control options including thermostats, door open sensors, outside temperature sensors and timers. The bespoke air curtain can be electrically heated or water heated, with outputs ranging from 3-36kW, or supplied as an air only model.

Powerful double-inlet centrifugal fans provide up to 6,475m3/h of airflow, whilst being remarkably quiet in operation.

Other services can also be included into the bespoke air curtain, such as motion detectors, CCTV or emergency lighting, enabling these features to be hidden or more inline with an interior design.

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