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JS Air Curtains has supplied eight Rund air curtains for the new concourse entrances at the Olympic rail links at Stratford and Ebbsfleet International stations. Two entrances at both stations had identical air curtain systems installed, each consisting of two 1.5m Rund air curtains joined by a 2.7m non-functioning dummy section.

The air curtain systems were installed by M&E contractors, Eurolec Services Ltd, and specified by Morgan Sindall Professional Services.

Peter Capron, Architect at Morgan Sindall, commented, “This high profile project in the shadows of the Olympic Village demanded air curtains that would complement our entrance façade design. The Rund model from JS Air Curtains fulfilled these requirements not only with the form, but also with the functionality.”

The air curtain installations are part of the construction projects taking place at Stratford and Ebbsfleet stations in preparation for the 2012 Olympics. Up to 25,000 spectators every hour will be shuttled on the new high speed “Olympic Javelin” trains between central London and Stratford.

The pairs of air curtains at each doorway were fitted with a central dummy section, joining them in the middle and giving the impression of a single 5.7m long unit, complementing the overall ascetics of the entrance. White RAL9016 was chosen for the project to match the colour of the doorway but the Rund is available in any RAL colour.

The Rund air curtains at Stratford and Ebbsfleet stations will help prevent cold air from entering with the doors in constant use. They incorporate 22.5kW electric heaters but hot water heating and air only models are also available. The Rund air curtain is offered in any single length from 1 to 3m with multiple units accommodating wider doorways. Fan powers vary from 1,875 to 6,475m³, making the air curtain ideal for sealing doorways up to 3.5m high.

The Rund has many mounting options. It can be held horizontally on brackets, as it was on this project, suspended on rods, mounted on post-type arms either from the floor, ceiling or wall, or stood vertically on the floor.

Signage can also be accommodated on the air curtain, such as the Exit signs used at Stratford and Ebbsfleet.

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Rund mounted on brackets

Joined by dummy section

Matching doorway

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