JS Air Curtains at University College Hospital

JS Air Curtains has supplied and installed six air curtains above the doors of the University College Hospital in London. Sets of two 1.5m stainless steel air curtains and a 2.5m curved air curtain were installed above identical doorways at both the Euston Road and Beaumont Place entrances to the hospital.

A curved RotoWind air curtain was used to protect against draughts coming through the hospital’s double curved sliding doors. Both doorways automatically open in turn as someone walks through the entrance, providing a double seal to the doorway. However, at busy times both doors can be open at once so the air curtain creates a barrier of air across the internal doorway, preventing cold air from entering the hospital.

The RotoWind air curtain is bespoke for the curved angle of the doorway and incorporates an electric heater with an output of up to 32kW and low noise centrifugal double inlet fans providing up to 6,475m3/h airflow.

The RotoWind air curtain can also be used with revolving doors and is available in any RAL colour with electric or low pressure hot water heating and air only models. Three formats are offered with different mounting options. The motor housing can be mounted above the doorway with the semi-circular outlets blowing inside the door’s aperture. Another model is mounted above the door blowing on the room-side of the inner door opening and a third has its entire motor housing mounted room-side and blows around the room-side of the doorway.

The two air curtains mounted above the swing doors to the sides of the hospital’s large circular entrance have an attractive round design and stainless steel construction. Both are 1.5m in length and incorporate electric heaters capable of delivering up to 22.5kW of heat and low noise fans providing up to 3,700m3/h of airflow.

This type of designer stainless steel air curtain can suspended horizontally above a door or stood on its end and positioned to the side. It can be fitted with many different mounting or suspension options including round goal post-like supports that can attach to a wall, ceiling or stand on the floor. It can also be suspended with chains or poles to tie-in with the architecture of an entrance.

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Curved Rotowind air curtain

Protecting against draughts

University College Hospital, London

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