JS Air Curtains at Hope Uni

JS Air Curtains has supplied a Rotowind air curtain for a revolving door at the Hope University in Liverpool. The air curtain was installed by M&E Contractor, HE Simm, and is helping to maintain internal temperatures, keeping students and staff warm at the new Registry Building at the Hope Park Campus.

Although revolving doors offer some protection from the outside elements, they also act like a slow moving fan, dragging in cold air with every rotation. An air curtain following the contours of the internal curve of a doorway prevents this cold air from entering the building.

The Rotowind air curtain installed by HE Simm at Hope University was a black 1.5m unit with an electrical heater capable of providing up to 22.5kW.

The Rotowind can be supplied in any RAL colour or stainless steel and is suitable for doorways up to 3.5m high. It is available in three different formats to accommodate different styles of revolving door. A Door-Internal unit is mounted above the door and blows warm air into its inner sections. A Room-Side unit is also mounted above the door but blows across the room-side opening, and a Room-Side External unit that blows across the room-side opening but is mounted on the inside of the building rather than above the door.

Every air curtain is tailored to the dimensions of the revolving door in question. JS Air Curtains liaises with the door manufacturer and designs each Rotowind to perfectly match the contour of the door model.

Heating can be supplied with an electrical heater or low pressure hot water. Air-only models are also available. The Rotowind incorporates low noise centrifugal double inlet fans driven by an external rotor motor with built-in thermal protection, capable of delivering up to 6,475m³/h of air. The unit comes with a five speed controller and 7m of plug and play RJ45 electrical cable. Additionally it can be connected to a BMS.

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Rotowind air curtain

Black 1.5m unit

Hope University, Liverpool

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