Eliminating Draughts at London Fire Brigade

JS Air Curtains has supplied an electrically heated air curtain for the London Fire Brigade Head Quarters in Union Street, to eliminate cold draughts from its reception area. As well as keeping the cold out in the winter, it also keeps the heat out during the summer, improving the air conditioning quality and energy efficiency of the building.

JS supplied the attractive round 2m Rund air curtain in brushed stainless steel to contractor Arkas who installed it horizontally above the double entry sliding doors leading into the London Fire Brigade’s HQ reception area. A time switch and digital thermostat were also provided.

John Bridger, property services manager for the London Fire Brigade explained: “We recognised the need to install an air curtain following complaints of the reception being draughty due to cold air entering the building through the external doors. The aesthetic design of the air curtain was important as it would be highly visible above our busy main entrance. As the building is electrically heated, we also needed to ensure that the installed product would not compromise its energy efficiency performance.”

Each 2m air curtain is capable of delivering an airflow of up to 5,550m³/hr and up to 30kW of electric heating output, although this is limited to 18kW at Union Street. Other models are available with hot water heating or fan-only operation.

The Rund air curtain offers the ability to house other services such as smoke or motion detectors, emergency lighting, CCTV or signage. The air curtain also has many mounting options. It can be held horizontally on brackets, suspended on rods, mounted on post-type arms either from the floor, ceiling or walls, or stood vertically on the floor.

The air curtains can seal doorways up to 3.5m high when mounted horizontally or up to 7m wide when mounted vertically at both sides of an entrance. Five lengths are available from 1m to 3m with a variety of control options including thermostats, door open sensors, outside temperature sensors and timers.

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2m Rund air curtain
Brushed stainless steel

Installed horizontally

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