Bespoke Air Curtains at Park Plaza

JS Air Curtains has designed and supplied three bespoke air curtains to the Park Plaza County Hall Hotel in London. The air curtains were round polished stainless steel units and were designed in conjunction with engineering consultancy, Hilson Moran, and architects, BUJ Architects.

Two air curtains were mounted above doors on either side of the main revolving door at the Addington Street entrance. Each was just under 1m long and incorporated electric heaters capable of providing up to 12kW of heat. Another 1.8m air curtain was designed for the side door entrance with an electric heater providing up to 22.5kW.

The air curtains were designed to tie-in with the stainless steel and glass fascia of the 398 bedroom hotel located on the south side of the River Thames. As the front of the reception area is glass fronted the air curtain had to look attractive from all sides. A totally smooth, round, polished stainless steel design was decided upon.

The air curtains were mounted directly on to the glass walls by installers, Essex Electrical Group, using specially produced stainless steel brackets. The air curtains had to be manufactured to exact dimensional specifications to fit into the available space and work in conjunction with the bespoke brackets. Exit signs were then mounted on to the front of the air curtains.

As well as supplying a large range of standard air curtains, JS offers a bespoke service so that designers can use the air curtain to complement the overall design of an entrance. As well as signage, other services such as PIR sensors, CCTV cameras, emergency lighting and smoke detectors can also be incorporated into the air curtains.

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Bespoke air curtains

Mounted with steel brackets

Polished stainless steel units

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