JS Air Curtains at Union Square

JS Air Curtains has supplied 20 air curtains for the recently opened Union Square shopping centre in Aberdeen. Three different types of air curtains from JS are helping prevent cold air from entering the prestigious £275 million retail development, keeping the internal atmosphere warm for shoppers and staff.

The air curtains were installed by M&E contractors, NG Bailey. Half of the units supplied are 2m long stainless steel Rund air curtains. They are stood vertically on their ends at the front and rear entrances of the shopping complex creating an attractive series of architectural pillars. Each vertical Rund supplies up to 3,750m3/hr of air and up to 24kW of heat. They can be used in the winter to keep the cold air out or in the summer, with their heaters off, to keep expensive air conditioned air in.

The vertical Rund air curtains by the entrances incorporate low pressure hot water heat exchangers, allowing them to run from the existing hot water supply and provide air at variable temperatures.

The other two models installed are Finesse concealed units for use in suspended ceilings and Mini Optima air curtains. Two 2m Finesses are protecting internal doorways and four 1.5m Mini Optima units are chained together in a 6m system to protect an entrance from a car park. All of these air curtains are also economically heated using low pressure hot water. The remaining four air curtains are horizontally mounted 1.5 Runds, attached above the doorways with bespoke stainless steel mounting brackets. All air curtains supplied are controlled via the building’s BMS system.

JS Air Curtains worked closely with NG Bailey across a six month schedule to design and supply the systems. This included producing technical diagrams showing each installation, CAD drawings and the individual mounting brackets for the four horizontally mounted Rund units.

Union Square was constructed by Miller Construction and opened to the public in October 2009. It combines unique new architecture with the Aberdeen train station façade built in the early 20th century. Developed by Hammerson, Union Square spans 700,000sq ft and is one of the biggest city-centre regeneration schemes in Scotland boasting over 60 stores and restaurants, a 10 screen cinema and a 203 bedroom hotel in the centre of Aberdeen.

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