Air Curtains Seal Natures Way Foods’ Chill Store

JS Air Curtains recently sealed the doorway of a salad store at Natures Way Foods in Chichester with a chill store air curtain. The units help maintain the required 2°C temperature inside the cold store by creating a curtain of ambient air over the opening, keeping the chilled air inside, whilst providing unhindered access and visibility for the forklifts.

The company previously used fast acting electric doors with plastic slat curtains but with the doors open the temperature near the doorway was rising to 8°C. In addition, the plastic curtains quickly became dirty and scratched and obstructed the vision of the forklift drivers.

Sean Burns, Services Manager at Natures Way Foods commented, “We were using electric doors but wanted to have better access and visibility for the forklifts. We also had heat spots near the door and were getting about 8°C with the door open. However, without the door and with the air curtains installed we are now maintaining 2°C, even right next to the doorway in the summer.

“Since seeing how effective the air curtains are at sealing the entrance, I’ve ordered two more for a chill store at our Passion Food Café facility in Portsmouth.”

By installing air curtains on chill store doorways energy efficiency is also improved. Fridges and freezers waste a great deal of energy every time the doors open. Warm air flows in and refrigerated air flows out. By having a curtain of ambient air blasted down across the doorway the cold air is not allowed to escape ensuring temperature and humidity remain consistent.

Natures Way Foods prepares over 12 billion salad leaves per year and supplies salads and prepared vegetables to clients that include Tescos, MacDonalds, Pizza Express and Morrisons.

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Chill store air curtain

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