Rotowind - Revolving Door Air Curtain

A revolving door will act as a low-speed fan, forcing a mass of cold air into a room with each rotation. By combining an air curtain with a revolving door system this cold air is prevented from entering.

Two types of model are available. A room-side unit that is mounted above the door but blows across the inner opening and a room-side external unit that blows across the inner opening but is mounted on the inside of the building.


  • 2 different models available

  • Electric heater or water heat exchanger

  • Stops door acting as a low-speed cold air fan

  • 2 year warranty
  •  Infra-Red Controller
    Infra-Red Controller

    An infra-red remote controller allows you to alter the fan speed and heat output at a distance of up to 25m.

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